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CamSoda’s Camoji allows cam models hide behind animated avatars

CamSoda’s Camoji allows cam models hide behind animated avatars

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Webcam models will make serious cash, but they generally don’t desire to be caught doing risqué things on the web for concern with being discovered by household, companies, or buddies. So webcam that is adult CamSoda is introducing Camoji, or digital animated avatars that the models can conceal behind.

The customizable electronic avatars are really a brand new means for “cam models” to generate income and connect to fans while staying anonymous.

Users can modify their Camoji to check like them — or someone that is else picking between different features, like hairstyles, breast sizes, and butt forms, and others. Users can communicate through their porn avatar, that could perform sensual and intimate functions, including twerking and, er, masturbation.

It really is a additional means for adult cam models to connect using their fans and an alternative way for individuals to use their hand in adult activity anonymously. Continue reading “CamSoda’s Camoji allows cam models hide behind animated avatars”