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Sessions and Topics FFC31

Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds: Modern and Medieval Approaches

31st International Conference of FFC - 19th International Symposium of ASFFBC

September 31st - October 1st, 2023, Yerevan State University in Yerevan, Armenia, In-Person and Virtual/Live Online Event

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Definition of Functional Foods, classification and Regulation: Japan, USA, and EU

        a. How to define Healthy, Functional and Medical Foods: similarities and differences

        b. How to create and bring to the market functional foods with bioactive compounds

        c. The vision of Functional Food Center for the creation of Functional Food product,

        d. The regulations, policy, and labeling of functional foods in Japan and other countries

        e. Classification of functional foods

Session 2: Traditional Healthy Food and Medicine in Armenia

        a. Food through history of men as a source of energy and its health benefits

        b. Food in Medieval Time to manage medical conditions and regular health

        c. Mkhitar Heratsi (12th-century Armenian physician) and Amirdovlat Amasiatsi (15th-century Armenian physician) and usage of Armenian traditional food and medicine for the management of diseases

        d. "Narine" as a modern Armenian healthy food: A good candidate for functional food applications

        e.  Armenian fermented milk product "Choratan" and its influence on gut microbiota

        f. Other Armenian traditional foods and medicine for the management of diseases

Session 3: Diet and Traditional Healthy Foods in Different Countries

        a. Japanese traditional medicine (Kampo medicine) and traditional healthy food formulations/recipes

        b. Indian traditional healthy formulations (Ayurveda)

        c. Greece and Italian traditional foods and healthy diet (Mediterranian Diet)

        d.  Traditional medicine and healthy foods in different countries

        e. How to create new functional food products by using traditional medicines and traditional healthy foods?

Session 4: Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds for Viral Diseases

        a. Nutritional support for fighting COVID-19

        b. Food bioactive compounds with potential against viral proteins of SARS-CoV-2

        c. Food for the gut in COVID-19 times

        d. Micronutrients responsible for the normal function of the immune system

        e. Functional foods and Mediterranean diet: an alternative source to combat viral infections, including COVID-19

Session 5: Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds for the Management of Chronic Diseases

        a. Mental Disorders

        b. Obesity

        c. Cardiovascular Disease

        d. Diabetes

        e. Cancer

        f. Other Chronic Diseases

Session 6: Diet and Functional Foods in Healthy Aging

        a. Current look and future predictions for aging demographic in the world

        b. Aging and increased disease risk

        c. Aging and increased health care expenditure

       d. Potential for functional foods to contribute to healthy aging

Session 7: Discovery, Sources, Potential Health Benefits, and Safety Aspects of Bioactive Compounds

        a. Discovery

        b. Sources

        c. Health benefits

        d. Safety aspects

Session 8: Effect of physical methods (laser, plasma, electric field) and functional foods on chronic diseases

        a.  Effect of combining health-promoting food intake and Laser

        b.  Effect of combining health-promoting food intake and electric field application

        c.   Laser, plasma physics, and bioactive compounds

        d.  Synergy of physical methods and medicine

Session 9: Research and Development of New Functional Food Products for Chronic and Infectious Diseases and for General Health

        a. Incentives for functional and healthy food research and development

        b. Consumer acceptance of healthy and functional food products

        c. Functional food composition and dietary intake databases

        d. Food vehicles for delivery bioactive compounds

        e. Research, development and marketing of new healthy and functional food products

        f. Evaluation of Functional Food Products by using Basic Principles of Functional Food Science